Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new post after ages...

Ooka, not quite ages. But a while nonetheless. Guess I felt the need to touch bases. Anyway...

So, new things. I'm going to apply for a job in the NEAR future. Mellow Mushroom. Pizza anyone? Hope I get hired.
Found a great site. Well, know of it for a while. Frequented it starting about November last year.
Newgrounds - Everything, By everyone. When they say everything, they do mean it, so do be carful. Check out the audio portal, specificlly...
F-777/Jesse Valintine Greatest Techno maker I've heard in my life.
And, last of the NG links, my page. :D

Started work on a book. Equinox. Not gonna publish anything on the interwebz though, so sorry about that...

Well, I guess that's it... For now. Later,


1 comment:

~Miss Rose~ said...

Old enough for a job already!? Yike. Scary. :)
How are you? Haven't heard from ya in a long time. I'm good. Save surgery last Monday. :)


P.S. GIMP is awesome! Love the photos.
P.P.S. Send me an e-mail sometime if you feel like it. I need someone to talk to...my best friend's comp died! :(