Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been tagged? Ooka.

Your perspective on each month of summer is this-

June- CONFRENCE: The month I look forward to, wehn I get to go to Bluefield and be with ALL my friends.

July- Red, White, and blue, but not the way your thinking. And fireworks.

August- "Summers over? ALREADY?!? Aww man...."

And that little part of September we forget is summer - "YEAH! FALL! W00T!"

Favorite thing about summer - CONFRENCE.

Most memorable day this summer - June 23-27

My favorite food in summertime is - Watermelon

And a few things you want to do this summer - Get together with my friends and have fun. Rock out with those who have instruments that will go together. Go swimming.

And boy, was I a few days late in this.

Now what?

Monday, June 8, 2009

New position.

We have moved the computer room around. I now share a desk with my dad. YIKES. But, I still have double monitors and a comftrable seat, so me be ooka.

And, me bee learning 1337 5p34x. ('Leet speak.)

J00 VV4/\//\/4 |234|) |)15? |_34|2/\/ 3|_5VV}-{3|23!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Computers are pains...

My windows broke down. So I was backing it up on my Fedora Linux when it crashed. So, Linux wouldn't start up any more. So I've reinstalled and lost all my Linux data so I can Backup my windows to reinstall it. *Sigh*

Isn't it great when things just.... Work?